Thriving in Retirement

Will you choose to thrive in retirement?

Baby Boomers today are choosing to thrive in retirement. A life stage that aligns with renewed inner purpose and refreshed personal goals.

Retirement is a major life transition that is filled with exciting possibilities and new challenges to embrace.

Retirement is a time when you have the most control over your time. How do you plan to spend yours?

Take charge of your retirement now.

"When you retire, you leave a role, relationships and daily routines. There is a period where your establishing a new role in life, new routines and relationships. That period between leaving the old life and starting the new life can be very bumpy."

Thriving programs to kick start your retirement

Retirement is a journey to be purposefully planned for and navigated. Creating a meaningful whole of life retirement plan can help you to:

Align with your purpose, talents and priorities to move forward

Be aware of the psychological, physical, social and spiritual impacts

Boomers Life Coaching offers Non-Financial Programs

Merilyn Hill can help you prepare to thrive. She offers individual, couple or group programs.


Individuals and Couples

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Organisations and Groups

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Targeted Clarity Coaching

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Be prepared - the transition can be bumpy

Preparing to thrive in retirement will help you answer those common questions of ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘what to do’ in this exciting phase of your life.

‘The honeymoon period’ is usually the first twelve months of retirement when long held desires such as taking time to recharge, travel, renovate or relocate are achieved.

Without a future plan, a difficult period of disillusionment and uncertainty about what’s next can follow.

Merilyn Hill is your experienced Boomer LIFE Coach

Merilyn Hill is an experienced life coach, trainer and speaker. Empowering people is her life passion.

As a Baby Boomer herself Merilyn is excited by the emerging trends that are creating a new age of retirement to which she brings expertise and life experience.

Merilyn was a former Human Resources Executive at World Vision Australia and has owned her own career life consultancy business in Australia for over 15 years.

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